US golfer John Daly stripped the first drive of the on Thursday – logging a +2 round in an eighteen fueled by cigarettes, Diet Coke and M&M’s, with a trip to Hooters to celebrate afterwards. 

The 56-year-old cult hero teed off at the Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 릴게임사이트 and while he finished the round tied 56th, it was his on-course diet and visit to Hooters and a casino following the game that wowed fans. 

The two-time major champion, who is fighting what he says is benign bladder cancer, smoked 21 cigarettes, 릴게임사이트 drank 12 Diet Cokes and ate six packs of peanut M&Ms during the game. 

His diet garnered much attention given that, unlike his fellow competitors, Daly was driving throughout the course with a smile on his face as the PGA allows him to use a cart under the American with Disabilities Act for his osteoarthritis.

The attention on him persisted as he then took a trip to Hooters, one of his sponsors, to enjoy some wings before ending the night with beers and slot machines at a Tulsa casino.  

Golfer John Daly stopped by a Hooters in Tulsa Thursday following his unexpected return to form in the first round of the US PGA

The 56-year-old, who is fighting bladder cancer, smoked 21 cigarettes, drank 12 diet cokes and 릴게임사이트 ate six packs of peanut M&Ms during Thursday’s game

John Daly swings with iron in hand at the first round of the 2022 PGA championship.Although he finished tied 56th at +2, the golfer gained fans due to his on-course diet 

He ended the day with a night at the slot machines.Despite admitting to losing more than $55 million in 2014 due to gambling, the golfer appeared to be enjoying himself

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