There’s no mystery to the feelings of mine on health clubs and gyms.

I have not used one for close to 10 years (except a hotel gym while driving and that is actually unusual given my thoughts for bodyweight workouts).

I truly, really don’t like them and fortunately more parents are sharing the disdain of mine for health clubs and giving home workouts a try instead.

But to illustrate why I guess gyms as well as overall health clubs are worthless, particularly if you are able to improve physical exercises completed at home in a fraction of the precious time, I have think of a little “Top 5” list for you.

Reason #1 Why Health Clubs Will be Worthless: The sweat pools, unclean weights, alpilean diet, why not find out more, bars, dumbbells, cardio machines, etc.

At what time was the last time you saw someone taking some kind of disinfectant to the handles of all the dumbbells?

How many times do you see folks leave a sweat pool on a bench after they’re done making use of it?

That’s simply disgusting! At least from home it is really the filth of yours that you are touching, not somebody else’s.

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