Nature provides all we have to remain at optimal fitness and wellness providing we do not try to battle the nature of things and instead work with it – the flow so to speak. The best challenge to western health is the fact that we don’t need to tackle the exercising that we were made for as we have machines to accomplish every one of the stuff we used to do manually.2 months ago Simply because we do little physically stressful activity, our brains have determined we want less testosterone and the lowering of the hormone levels of ours over the past 80 years has been profound – typically 60 % lower than average men from 1930.

Adding to this condition of greatly reduced testosterone level could be the dogma of western surgeons consistently seeking to deal with the signs of lower testosterone with medicines for heart problems, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, clinical depression and testo prime customer reviews obesity rather than diagnose the hormonal issue and taking steps to boost its natural production. Indeed, if a health care professional does delve into the testosterone cause of many health problems they then attack the problem the incorrect way by prescribing artificial hormones we know as steroids. These steroids will have some beneficial impact on generating muscle mass and fitness and subduing excess body fat, however, they also have very serious side effects such as shrinkage of the testicles and sterility.

The Asian approach is to recognize the lower testosterone issue quite early in a patient’s all around health decline and in order to advise diet supplements and exercises designed to induce testosterone production. One of the more successful testosterone boosting health supplements is Tongkat Ali tree root extract that’s a derivative of the subtropical tree. Tongkat Ali is nature’s boosting supplement as it is rich in the compounds needed by the testicles to breakdown cholesterol into testosterone. When coupled with short bursts of heavy exercise which make the muscles burn up, then the brain will start the chain of events bringing about increased production.7 months ago