And so whats happening to the free testosterone of ours that we are entitled too? Women and men. Well a good way to look initially could be the cause of the slow disappearance of its and our evolution into an all female global population. A main culprit in this crime is “xenoestrogens”.

A brief background also xenoestrogens.

Too many xenoestrogens are in the meals of ours. BPA in plastics are making females excessive and men weak. Chemical pollutants in our food and water maybe the culprits, their effects on males and women are astonishing and under investigation include infertility in both sexes, poor sexual development and testicular cancer in men, and endometriosis and breast cancer in women. Huge selection of chemicals-found of pesticides, fuels, medications and polycarbonate plastic baby bottles and food containers either cause hormonal activity as estrogen. Evidence is accumulating that, even at really low concentrations and exposures, xenoestrogens can bring about “hormone havoc” in females.

So what is tesosterone? We have all read and used the name im certain but what’s it doing for us?

best testosterone booster 2022 ( is the central male hormone by much, without it we can’t produce adult features. Females also produce it but on a smaller scale the way it’s very important to both sexes. Low testosterone in both sexes are able to cause low sex drive but this’s acute in men. In addition, it severely effects male mood. Men with lower free testosterone are vulnerable to depression and an increase in breast tissue.

Prevention is better compared to cure!

Staying away from xenoestrogens:

Keep away from plastics if you can and use glass products as much as you can. Foods can in fact absorb the various chemicals from the plastics. Drink lots of water to eliminate toxins and also keep you regular. Additionally in crease fiber if needed to maintain bowel movements regular. Green tea is also a fantastic detoxifying supplement. Increase the intake of yours of DIM (indole 3 carbinols) used in dark green vegetables the highest and main concentration finding yourself in broccoli.

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