The Deep Blue Juicer is a sex toy for women. It is considered to be one of the best female vibrators sold in the market.

The Deep Blue Juicer comes in a simple, thin, transparent packaging and it also includes a short user manual which guides you throughout the entire process of using the toy.The basic how-to's, caring for your vibrator and cleaning techniques are all clearly specified there.

It's up to you how you want to use sex toys for female. You could use it alone or with a partner – the decision lies on the palm of your hands.

This neon blue device and other sex toys for girls may be unusual to look at at first because of the intricate and well defined details.This gizmo in particular shows the actual look of the hand such as the knuckles, the fingernails, and the almost realistic finger lines. Yes, it is not your typical sex toys for ladies vibrator but it surely is genital-friendly and penis enlargement surgery a joy to use.

It is made from high-grade silicone which easily allows the fingers to slip inside the vagina without much effort.You could also use this anally depending on your personal preference. Lubrication and other aids may also be used if necessary.

The length of the fingers is fourteen centimeters (14 cm) or five point five (5.5) inches and the thumb is about 3 inches.It runs on a single AA battery which is placed inside the base of the vibrator. The power and control switch is also located at the bottom, right underneath the battery chamber. You could turn your vibrator on and off by simply turning the switch clockwise or counter clockwise.

If you may observe, the Deep Blue Juicer depicts an exaggerated version of the thumb and the middle and index fingers, which are curved in such a way to make a direct hit towards the G-spot and induce pleasure upon insertion.

The bristles embedded on the thumb are soft – almost jelly-like – and are actually designed to tickle and brush the clitoris as the entire thing vibrates.The powerful vibrating thumb stays outside the genital region and 'sits' still on the area where your clitoris and labia majora are located. The angular fingers that are made to be inserted in the vagina also vibrate even if your strokes are fast or slow.

It has only one vibration mode but you can control its speed and intensity – from low to high – with the built-in power switch.Turning the knob around helps you choose the kind of stimulation that you want.

The Deep Blue juicer is extremely durable and bendable allowing you to shift from one angle to another as the thumb continues to stimulate externally. It is very discreet and is water-proof so you could also enjoy its benefits, not only in the bedroom, but in the shower or in the tub as well.

Experience fast and powerful orgasms like you've never before with this fun sex toy.

So for those females who are simply into G-spot and clitoral stimulation, then this product is the one for you.You may also want to try various female sex toys for different levels of sensations.

For more information and questions about the Deep Blue juicer and other best sex toys for women and men from all walks of life and various sexual orientations.

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