The author starts out with a down to earth reason that testosterone is crucial, but just one hormone. And it is the right balance of hormones which is important.

He also says that diet is more important compared to hormones. This is arguable, since diet affects our proper balance of hormones. And he advises readers to workout (no argument there), take at least a dozen supplements if over age 40, meditate and pray. Plus, he claims fasting is probably the most effective healing method known. And his idea of a great diet plan is macrobiotics.

And so right there most men and women will be hearing alarm bells.

One chapter handles precursors of testosterone. Here the writer summarily dismisses the effectiveness of muira puama, homeopathic testosterone, Lepidium root, Tribulus terrestis, zinc, tongkat ali, and other herbal cures.

There are many other supplements as well as herbs sold to raise best natural testosterone supplement ( It’d be interesting to find out what he thinks of them.

The thing he does claim works is Androstendione, and also goes into a long explanation of them, without addressing the use of theirs in sports. Did Andro generate Mark McGwire into a record home run slugger?

These are now illegal in the United States, nonetheless, I have no doubt it is feasible for a lot of people to obtain- Positive Many Meanings – it.

He does mention that although these kinds of hormones as DHEA are authorized in the United States, in countries such as Canada they possession is cause for a prison sentence.

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