A stable-hand launched a ‘warped and twisted’ online campaign to try to frame his love rival as a stalker so the doctor’s daughter he was obsessed with would ‘seek solace’ with him instead, a court has heard.

Beaumont Bricka is accused of sending makeup artist Eve Taylor ‘appalling’ messages from fake accounts telling her to kill herself as part of his plot to ruin her relationship with innocent Tim Dobson.

Jurors heard the 26-year-old sent threats to himself from the fake profiles so he also looked like a ‘victim’ and even tried to get Miss Taylor’s doctor father fired as he harassed her family and friends.

His alleged strategy was initially successful as the couple broke up and Mr Dobson was arrested for being responsible for the ‘vendetta’ against his girlfriend.

But officers found no evidence against him and attention instead turned to Bricka, known as Beau.

Then, after he was arrested by police, his horse-owning mother Tonia, 63, stepped forward and claimed she was behind the stalking.

Now, the mother and son, from an affluent part of the Sussex countryside, are on trial together, with prosecutors claiming the ‘lying’ mother is simply trying to carry the can for her son.

Beaumont Bricka is accused of sending makeup artist Eve Taylor ‘appalling’ messages from fake accounts telling her to kill herself as part of his plot to ruin her relationship

Bricka’s mother Tonia, 63, stepped forward and claimed she was behind the stalking

Jurors were told Bricka set up multiple fake social media accounts, at least 34 different phone numbers, six email addresses, and used three mobile phones during his year-long campaign.

He is accused of stalking a total of 10 victims – terrorising Miss Taylor and nine other people connected to her, including her father Dr Tim Taylor and her partner Mr Dobson.

He allegedly waged his campaign against Miss Taylor after they met at the stables where he lives near Chichester, West Sussex, and continued the behaviour when she turned down going on a walk with him.

Portsmouth Crown Court, Hants, heard Bricka’s harassment began at the start of 2019 when Miss Taylor received a Facebook message from an account with the name ‘Rosie Hart’ telling her ‘can you leave my boyfriend alone you ugly little freak’.

Baffled Mr Dobson told his girlfriend it must have been a ‘prank’.

In June 2019, Bricka’s stalking escalated when he used a fake profile named ‘Olivia Summers’ telling her Mr Dobson was seeing other women, it is alleged.

In the coming weeks, Miss Taylor was bombarded with messages and calls from different numbers and accounts.

In one message – also sent to her mother Julie Taylor and Mr Dobson – Miss Taylor was warned by someone claiming to be Olivia’s father to ‘leave Mr Dobson alone because Olivia tried to kill herself’.Mi

Miss Taylor’s parents – Dr Tim Taylor and Julie Taylor outside Portsmouth Crown Court

Miss Taylor was bombarded with messages and comments on her social media saying ‘Eve sleeps around, watch out, she sleeps with taken men’, suggesting she had sexually transmitted diseases, and calling her a ‘cheating witch’.

Bricka ‘posted adverts of Taylor offering her services as an Bakirköy Kapalı Escort or prostitute on Facebook together with a photograph of a topless woman’, it was heard.

In order to get her new phone number, Bricka allegedly ‘took on the persona of various potential clients, pretending they were getting married and looking for a make up artist’.

Bricka allegedly targeted Miss Taylor’s friends and work colleagues Nadia Wyatt and Alicia Sandeman by setting up WhatsApp groups and verbally abusing them.

At one point, Mrs Wyatt had her face used in fake ads for call girls and escorts and her husband Jordan Wyatt was reported to a paedophile hunter group, wrongly claiming he abused children.

Bricka allegedly also sent an email to Dr Taylor’s hospital, St Richard’s in Chichester, falsely alleging he sent indecent messages to a patient’s young daughter.

Dr Taylor was ‘humiliated’ as he had to be investigated by NHS bosses and his colleague, nurse Margaret Davies, also found herself a target when she refused to ensure he was sacked.

The court heard that all the while this harassment continued, Bricka would ‘comfort’ Miss Taylor, who was unaware he was allegedly behind it and who she considered a friend.

Using the fake Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp accounts, Bricka allegedly messaged himself and Miss Taylor telling them to kill themselves.

One text to Miss Taylor read: ‘How about u kill yourself and stop making everyone’s life hell…U really r a disgusting hoe who only cares about herself really plz jump at railway station and stop making every ones lives hell ur dad will lose his job.’

The accounts were used to send himself and Miss Taylor ‘truly chilling’ images of actual suicides, blood-soaked knives, nooses, cliffs and train tracks as he suggested they commit suicide, it was alleged.

Prosecutor Brent Martin said: ‘This defendant’s whole warped and twisted plan was to split Eve Taylor and Tim Dobson up.

‘He was prepared to go to great lengths to do so including sending himself fake stalker messages.

‘His plan was to ensure the impression was created that Tim Dobson was the stalker.

‘His plan was to send himself messages to make it look like he too was a victim.

‘It was then to engineer a situation where Eve Taylor would seek solace in him as a fellow ‘victim’ of a stalker so they would be together.

‘They would regularly exchange messages as it appeared both were victims of stalking at the hands of the same person.

‘It appeared as if nobody suffered more than the two of them, which as far as the Mr Bricka was concerned, was intended to drive them closer together.

‘[It was] all part of the defendant’s plan, to not only split Eve and Tim up but ensure Tim went to prison for something the defendant had done leaving the way clear for him.’

Mr Dobson and Miss Taylor split up as a result and Mr Dobson was arrested in January 2020 on suspicion of being ‘at the heart of the vendetta’.

However, police found no evidence to link him to the crimes.He was so traumatised he contemplated suicide.

Mr Martin added: ‘Unsurprisingly Miss Taylor suffered quite appallingly with anxiety and stress whilst she increasingly led what she said was an insular life.

‘Miss Taylor had to have her car checked for devices after reference was made to the brakes.

‘Her family had to employ the services of private investigators specialising in cyber crime to look into the matter.

‘Miss Taylor had to cancel a holiday, she lost work and had counselling as well.

‘Miss Taylor and Tim Dobson both agree their relationship ended because of this – that was the aim of the stalker.

‘In short this appalling campaign reduced Miss Taylor’s leisure activities, damaged her work life, her personal life, and damaged her mental well-being quite severely.’

Bricka, who lives with his family in a £530,000 cottage on an expensive private road in Aldingbourne, a village six miles outside of Chichester, was arrested in April 2020 after police spotted him on CCTV topping up one of the pay-as-you-go phones used to send messages.

An iPhone 6, an Alcatel phone, his own iPhone 8, phone chargers, and paper with victims’ phone numbers was recovered at the house.

His DNA was found on the phones and his year of birth was the pin code.

Investigations showed he used the phones to search ‘eve taylor west sussex’, ‘can you take a girl out on a horse riding date’, ‘tim Dobson Chichester’, ‘eve taylor tim Dobson’, ‘how to have to stop giving facebook photo verification’, ‘signs a girl with anxiety likes you’ and ‘giving the police a tip off’.

Mr Martin said Bricka’s mother ‘made a complicated investigation more complicated’ by making a ‘false confession’ in October 2020.

He said: ‘However, it was not long before her claim started to unravel.In particular she lacked knowledge of much of the detail of the communications.

‘She claimed that the initial purpose had been to get Eve and her son together but that afterwards she became addicted to the stalking.’

Mr Martin said her claims were ‘vague’ and ‘nonsense’ and couldn’t explain why she, as a mother, would have encouraged her son to kill himself.

Bricka denies 10 counts of stalking and perverting the course of justice while his mother denies perverting the course of justice.

The eight-day trial continues.

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