Going on a blind date can be very nerve racking, but it can also make for an amusing story if things don’t quite go to plan. 

Singletons from across the globe have shared some of their most cringeworthy experiences so far – and if these awful anecdotes are anything to go by, you’ll be put off dating for life!

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    One woman claimed to have gone on a blind date and the guy she was meeting threw up within two minutes of getting there

    Another anonymous user went on a blind date, only for the person to arrive nine months pregnant (which she hadn’t mentioned beforehand)

    Initially excited for the date, this woman ended up being disappointed after accusing her partner of being sexist and outdated

    Arriving to her night with high expectations, her date crushed any hope by calling her overweight in a roundabout way

    Four minutes after meeting her date, one woman had to take the person she met to hospital almost straight away

    This person had never been on any kind of date in their life, never mind on a blind date. But when they got there, instead of hitting it off, the person’s date tried to hit on their friend

    This person met their boyfriend on a blind date, but he wasn’t the person they were meant to be set up with. Instead, slot online gampang menang he came to their rescue when they had been stood up and they have stood the test of time

    Once a son asked his dad why he had not been on a date in years and it was because he was gay. A week later his lad set him up on a blind date. Now, he has been with the blind date for six years

    When someone set this user on a blind date, they thought they were going to hit it off for good. That was until they found out the two found out they were cousins

    One person nearly did not turn up because they were so lazy, but in hindsight they were thankful they ended up going because the date went on to become their wife


    It’s difficult to think of things to talk about on blind dates, but this person found it that difficult they could not get off the subject of their dead cat

    This person ran out on a blind date because she told them she had a two year old kid – and no one warned them before hand

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