Online games use the cyber world technology for gaming.Games are exceptionally popular and continuously evolving.

Types of online games

  • There are several types of online games for gamers:
  • Online Games played using e-mail.
  • Online Games played on a browser window by using a web address.
  • Online Games played using Internet Transmit Chat, Telnet, or a Web based forum.
  • Online Games that are graphic need stand-alone software that permits players to play with or against one another using an Internet connection.

What do you need for online games?

To play online games, you will needs:

  • A trustworthy Internet connection.
  • A personal computer or game console.
  • Selected software required by specific games.

You can play simple board games like scrabble, or bingo, or online games like poker, mahjong, and pool.Another popular category is simulation games; these imitate real-life situations and cover aspects like combat, city planning, strategies, as well as flight simulation & more…

For serious gaming you can download games online to your PC but your computer performance must be optimized.This can be done by:

  • Running the disk defragmenter and organizing the computer files. This should ideally be done once a month at least.
  • Correct folder and file errors by using scandisk, use once a week and the computer will give trouble free performance.
  • Clean your hard drives & get rid of Internet files, temporary files, as well as files in the trash/recycle bin. Clear the cache and uninstall programs that are not in everyday use.
  • Update the operating system software.

    Download any new security patches. Keep video drivers updated.

  • Clear space on the hard drive, store files on a backup system.
  • Clear any spyware you have inherited from websites.
  • Minimize number of programs running-when playing a graphic intensive game if there are too many programs running simultaneously the graphics will become choppy and game will be slow.
  • Delete add on game files-wall papers and other paraphernalia will just clutter the computer.
  • Run an anti-virus program regularly but disable it when you are loading/playing games.

    Antivirus programs slow down games.

  • Always shut down the computer properly.

Prepare yourself for online games

The Internet allows online gamers to compete with people across oceans, on the other side of the world and anywhere in the universe.Some use PCs while others use consoles. What you use is a personal choice and depends on issues like costs and so on.

Before you buy a game you must:

  • Consider systems requirements – some games can run on systems that are not exact others need specific hardware.
  • Find out if the game is single player or multi-player.Many games need the Internet-and, the broadband connection is more efficient than the dial-up connection. Many like Xbox Live only work on a broadband connection.
  • Find out if the game can be played using a mouse/keyboard or whether it will need a full-featured joy stick.
  • Do your research thoroughly, usually there are several games competing for players within a genre.
  • Read game reviews before taking the final step.

Be wise and try a demo before making an actual purchase.Playing a demo benefits the player as well as game developer. Many online games offer free trial periods – beta testing is a great opportunity to find out if the game suits your taste as well as pockets.

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