What should I do when I have a spike in blood sugar? The answer is not so complicated. To begin with check if you’ve forgotten or missed to take your diabetic insulin or click here; visit my home page, medicine injection. When this’s untrue then check the expiry date on insulin. Might be you entered in binge eating? Yes! Even a slight binge is enough to give a spike in levels of blood glucose.

Would you Get To know About The Spike In Blood glucose Level?

Test your blood sugar levels level two hours after huge meals. If the amount is above 140 mg/dL; subsequently it’s high blood glucose level. However the spike in blood glucose can be something even above 180 mg/dL.

What steps have to be taken away to regulate the spike in blood glucose levels?

It first of all depends upon the kind of the diabetes.

If a person is suffering from type 1 diabetes

If the amount is above 250 mg/dL then you must test yourself for ketones.

In case the responses of the test state that ketones are present next you mustn’t exercise to lower down the amount of blood glucose. The presence of ketones indicates that insulin isn’t produced in the body as well as the sugar isn’t being metabolized. The exercise will cause the body to burn off fats for the generation of energy and can generate more ketones.

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