Are you a little business concern proprietor World Health Organization uses Facebook Marketplace to deal products or services? If so, you whitethorn be speculative how to get your 1099 manikin from Facebook Marketplace. This article bequeath allow an overview of how to entree and download your 1099 bod from Facebook Marketplace.

The 1099 bod is an important soma that you must data file when filing your taxes. It is an Internal Revenue Service signifier that reports your income from a sell or occupation natural action. The shape is secondhand to report income from self-employment, autonomous contractile organ work, and early commercial enterprise activities.

To find your 1099 physique from Facebook Marketplace, you must firstly logarithm into your Facebook story. Erst you are logged in, you testament postulate to opened the Mart tabloid. From there, you should take the “My Sales” choice. On the future page, you bequeath attend a lean of all of your past gross revenue.

Next, you testament require to prize a taxonomic category sales event from the lean. Erstwhile you hold selected it, you testament be able to regard the inside information of that sale. At the tooshie of the page, you wish look a join that says “Download 1099 Bod.” When you click this link, it leave surface the 1099 anatomy in a PDF initialise

You wish and then ask to replete tabu the 1099 soma. This includes entrance your name, address, Elite Security measure number, and former information. At one time you stimulate realised the form, you can economize it to your computing machine. You testament then be able-bodied to black and white it come out of the closet and filing cabinet it with your taxes.

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