Testosterone is an important hormone that is normally overlooked in ladies, since the majority of people only look at it as the “man’s” bodybuilding steroid, and cringe at the thought of looking as a man.

However, testosterone plays a huge role in female’s health. It can help rebuild as well as repair damaged cells, enhance muscle strength, protect the skin of yours, and boost metabolism. Not just that but increasing your best natural Testosterone Booster supplements will help increase sexual satisfaction and libido.

Many research has show that in postmenopausal girls testosterone and estrogen treatment will efficiently restore libido. However, now a season long research with over 800 subjects has revealed that simply increasing their testosterone is enough to improve sexual wellbeing in postmenopausal girls.

Each one of the subjects in the research were diagnosed as having hypoactive sexual desire disorder. One group received a little quantity of testosterone replacement, while the other group received placebo.

The results of the study indicated that the girls that had gained the testosterone replacement had a 3 times higher surge in satisfying sexual episodes compared to the placebo group. The females which were on testosterone experienced an increased amount of desire as well as total satisfaction.

One method to increase the testosterone of yours (and libido) naturally is by using resistance training. This is often done with weights or simply with bodyweight workouts. All strength training is will increase testosterone levels in women, but higher intensity strength exercise with higher weights and lower reps are sure to give you the most effective outcomes.

2 years agoBegin with this Bodyweight training, and start increasing the libido of yours, and the quality of yours of life:

Exercise one: Bodyweight Squats (10 reps)