Using testosterone patches is a tried and true form of testosterone replacement therapy. The patch is a transdermal product comprising of connecting a patch to a shaved location of the scrotum. This provides a steady and therapeutic level of testosterone for the blood stream.

The testosterone spot is changed the moment one day and also the main reason it’s used on the scrotum is because skin is thinnest there allowing for more efficient delivery of the testosterone hormone.

Testosterone replacement therapy utilized by such forms as testosterone patches is the most typical treatment for male menopause — sometimes known as andropause.

By supplementing the testosterone level and countering the results of aging, that diminish this essential hormone, a testosterone supplement ( spot could alleviate lots of the signs of male menopause.

Some of these symptoms from male menopause is able to include: low sex drive, fatigue, depression, lack of self-confidence and assertiveness, and even more.

Just before testosterone patches existed, strategies for raising testosterone blood levels have been less secure. A typical offenders were anabolic steroids which happened to be shown to contribute to kidney disease as well as liver damage. Oral androgens can result in liver toxicity.

Applying a testosterone patch in the early morning achieves the best outcome. The natural patterns of the body are at the peak of theirs right now. The patch therefore mimics the natural design of the body and delivers 4-6 milligrams of testosterone.

A bonus of testosterone patches over other male testosterone boosters such as injections is they offer time-released dosages. Whereas peaks and valleys may be incurred with other methods, employing a testosterone patch causes little instability with time.

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