Whenever you select a blog name, you do not just select a blog name.

Actually, you select a brand name. At the time of your blogging journey, it might not seem a huge deal to go with a brandable name. But in the future, when your blog gets popular, the blog name would matter a lot. Hence it is extremely important for you to pick the right domain name in the first place only.

However, to make you understand in a better way how to decide a domain name. I am going to talk about 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding Your Blog Name. So let's just head into the topic without wasting much of the time:

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Deciding Your Blog Name

1.Tough To Pronounce

One of the first things that need to make sure that your domain name is not tough to pronounce. You might be someone who speaks fluent English and can pronounce words in a perfect way. But there are quite a lot of non-English speaker users available online who finds it hard to pronounce some of the English words.Now you must be wondering how it would make any difference? Well, let me answer the question for you:

Well, what if your blog becomes quite popular someday? People will obviously start suggesting your blog to others. For example, if your blog talks about credit cards, then someone can obviously suggest someone about your blog who is interested in knowing about credit cards.Like we usually do suggest shopping sites name to our friends and family members.

However, in such case, if your blog name is hard to pronounce. Then the user will pronounce a wrong name, and the other person will get the same. As a result, they won't visit your website.As a result, you are losing a visitor and most importantly a customer.

Even if the name is not hard to pronounce, then it is easy to remember as well. As a result, your visitors will come back to your website by typing down the domain name. So by keeping easy to pronounce a name, you are just helping your blog readers to find your blog easily.

2. Being Super Trendy

Also, you better find a domain name which is not super trendy. Of course, being trendy is cool. But sometimes it can create stupid issues which can be difficult for you. If you are going to pick a domain which contains certain words, phrases, characters, and misspelling.Then there is a high chance the domain name is not good enough for your website.

For example, whenever you tell someone to look into Flickr.com. People usually would go ahead and look for flicker.com. As the name of the website sounds in that way.Even Flickr being a popular photo website did face the issue. And then they finally purchased flicker.com to clear out the confusion.

Your trendy domain name might sound cool to you. But there are quite a lot of chances that your website name might not sound as good as it is today.Even, if you are picking up an odd sounding name. Then it will only confuse the users around.

Although, you can also buy the common misspelling domain names for your blog. For example, Amazon.com has purchased Amzon.com. So even if the user makes a simple mistake in the domain name, they won't get lost.But the drawback over here is that you will need to purchase and renew all the common misspelling domain names for your website.

3. Go For A.COM Domain Only

The last and most important advice I would give you is to go with a .com domain only. Why?Because it is popular. Whenever someone types down a domain name to the address bar, they always type down .com at the end of it.

Even not just the users, most of the browsers often suggests .com extension after you type down a name. As a result, if you are going with some other domain extension, then there is a high chance that you are going to lose visitors.

Moreover, in case if the .com domain is not available.Then there is a high chance the .com domain used by somebody. And in case if the domain falls under the copyright rules. Then you might face some issues with your domain name. And in the end, you may have to leave your domain name.

Moreover, if you choose to go with a country specific domain name like .ca or .in, then your website will only be ranking in a specific country because of different Google SEO aspects.But on the other hand, if you want to target your blog globally, .com is the option you must go with.


So those were the 3 mistakes to avoid when deciding your blog name. Also, if you need help with a domain name, then you can use a domain generator and it will help you with some of the nice names.Anyway, if you have any more questions, then do comment below.

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