If a person you know is in danger of developing prostate cancer, or possibly already has got the disease here is some dietary prostate cancer alternatives from research on both sides of the Atlantic that will be of interest to you. Drinking eight ounces of pomegranate juice has been proven to delay the progression of localized prostate cancers in a U.S. study.

What’s more, UK researchers found out that an as soon as daily serving of vitamin D could be an excellent treatment for prostate caners in certain patients.

The study conducted by U.S. scientists involved forty eight males whose prostate cancer was regarded with whether surgery or radiation therapy had been made to drink an eight ounce cup of pomegranate juice each day.

Even with treatment best supplement for prostate the cancer of theirs, like lots of men, these subjects went on to obtain detectable PSA levels.

If the study began in 2003, the subjects’ PSA, prostate specific antigen, a marker utilized to monitor this particular kind of cancer, was doubling every 15 months. As the males drank the pomegranate juice daily, the time it took for PSA levels to double got longer.

When the analysis finished in 2006, the team continued to follow the people each three months; by this point it had been snapping PSA scores 4 times as long to double as they had at the beginning of the research.

Important to realize that the research was funded by the owners of POM Wonderful Co, the company which makes the pomegranate juice the males drank during the research. 5 from the 6 researchers involved in the research at the same time disclose ties to the juice maker.

Medicine now sees that cancer-fighting things are naturally a part of many foods, one of these being pomegranate juice.