There is a growing fascination with testosterone hormone replacement for dealing with symptoms relevant to aging. You have probably noticed promotions of virile, muscle bound men in their 60’s and 70’s.

Along with the growing interest there’s also a growing level of information. But most of it is anecdotal stories, misleading data and flat out, unproven myths. Mainly as it relates to testosterone replacement treatment for females.

The truth is the fact that medically administered, testosterone therapy is also used-to successfully treat symptoms of hormone deficiency in postmenopausal and pre ladies. And two physicians-Dr. Rebecca Glaser and Dr. Constantine Dimitrakakis are dispelling the misinformation about it by scientific research.

Dr. Glaser and testo prime amazon,, Dr. Dimitrakakis give attention to subcutaneously implanted, bio-identical hormones (human identical molecule) without dental, artificial androgens or anabolic steroids.

With that in mind, here are the ten misconceptions of testosterone replacement treatment for ladies.

Myth #1: Testosterone is a “male” hormone

Even though men have a higher circulating level of testosterone than girls, from a biological perspective, males & women are genetically similar. Both sexes include functional estrogen as well as androgen (testosterone) receptors. Even though estrogen is popularly regarded as the primary female hormone, throughout a female’s lifespan, testosterone is really the most abundant, biologically active hormone with considerably higher levels than estradiol. And as early as 1937, testosterone therapy was reported to effectively treat symptoms of the menopause.

Myth #2: Its only role in women is libido and sex drive